ClinicMaster Training and Support Services

Introduction Cognizant of the fact that User Training is one key component in software development, ClinicMaster underpins its service delivery with continuous training for each update made on every site. This not only warrants efficiency but also ease of system use among hospitals. The notion of carefully handling trainings is that: Humans are creatures of Read more about ClinicMaster Training and Support Services[…]

clinicMaster Software Security

ClinicMaster appreciates the importance of security in software systems especially those designed to manage medical Information and it considers it as a strong pillar in all its data structures and objects. Security in ClinicMaster means allowing a user access powers and features you desire for them and denying access to powers and features you don’t Read more about clinicMaster Software Security[…]

Local Uganda apps developers shunned at home

Eight years ago, Wilson Kutegeka, an information and communications technology graduate from Makerere University, developed a mobile application dubbed Clinic Master to help health facilities digitise patient records while ensuring that billing, costs and expenses are effectively maintained. The system was customised, and could be used on a standalone computer or on a network by Read more about Local Uganda apps developers shunned at home[…]

Uganda’s scientific inventions look promising

The Daily Monitor, Uganda (Apr 8, 2009) By JOHN K. ABIMANYI On February 12 this year, the world celebrated 200 years since the birth of Charles Darwin, and, 150 years after the publication of his famous but controversial book, On the origin of species. A zoologist, naturalist and biologist, Charles Darwin realised and demonstrated the Read more about Uganda’s scientific inventions look promising[…]

ICT, Uganda’s new gold mine of opportunity

The Daily Monitor, Uganda (Jan 7, 2009) By JOHN K. ABIMANYI The spin of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)’s wheel of luck has only just started in Uganda, as Wilson Kutegeka, 35, an ICT specialist, can testify. He is the proud winner of 2008’s prestigious Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award. The first for a Ugandan. Read more about ICT, Uganda’s new gold mine of opportunity[…]

Ugandan wins Microsoft global ICT award

Uganda’s Leading Daily, The New Vision (Dec 10, 2008) By Paul Tentena Wilson Kutegeka was just an ordinary man with no big ambitions. Coming to Kampala from Bukwali Village, Kabarole, was like a dream; scaling the heights to America seemingly impossible. However, Kutegeka now not only has academic qualifications to his name, but has gone Read more about Ugandan wins Microsoft global ICT award[…]

Your medical history can be just a click away

The Daily Monitor, Uganda (Nov 12, 2009) The ClinicMaster software programme developed by Wilson Kutegeka eases medical history recording and is helping track doctor-patient interactions, writes Mike Ssegawa. Tired of carrying your medical history files each time you visit your doctor? Fortunately, you may not have to go through that hassle the next time you Read more about Your medical history can be just a click away[…]