25th July 2015

Our Value


ClinicMaster brings about better information management and dissemination to the healthcare center that in turn serve patients better and efficiently.
This helps to save lives, through quality medical care that can be best done on comprehensive and accurate medical records.

For example, patients on ARVs are supposed to take their medicines daily and in turn get monitored on a monthly basis;
not taking drugs on time could lead to drug resistance that can even cause death.
Through ClinicMaster’s ability to alert health workers on who miss their appointment, they can quickly intervene and follow up these patients. Additionally, because ClinicMaster alerts when to stock drugs, patients especially those on ARVs, will not go back home from visiting a health centre without medicine that they need, due to the pharmacy being unaware that their stock was depleted.
Governments usually make better planning for citizens when there is accurate information about them.
Using ClinicMaster helps to quickly generate Ministry of Health reports such as one showing patients on ARVs, disease surveillance at a clinic/hospital such as malaria, tuberculosis, etc.

ClinicMaster is based used in a networked operational environment for user departments as shown below.