ClinicMaster User Manual

A Hospital Information Management System

ClinicMaster is a Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) for clinics and small-to-medium-sized hospitals. Its powerful, flexible, and easy to use features are designed to manage the medical, administrative, and financial aspects of a hospital.

ClinicMaster offers a wide range of hospital administration and management tools including patient and visit registration, appointment scheduling, laboratory management, prescription and medical recording, inventory management, patient admission and ward management, Accounting and Insurance billing, and reporting.

It automates daily hospital procedures through the flow of a patient’s transactions in a clinic on a visit-by-visit basis.

The entire system seamlessly integrates the functionality of a hospital to provide relevant information linked with the hospital's accounts and administration.

ClinicMaster’s fully integrated functionality supports the decision making process for efficient management of hospital services and enhanced patient care

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