25th July 2015


Below are some of the Frequently asked questions (Faqs) about the software

Qn 1: How do I successfully install ClinicMaster Software?

Ans: You may need to first View ClinicMaster Install Instructions (PDF)… from the Downloads page

Qn 2: I do have deletion rights in the system but I have failed to delete some entries and at times I receive an error message such as “Record you’re trying to delete has related entries and can’t be deleted”
How can I delete such records?

Ans: ClinicMaster uses a normalized relational database, these databases normally have rules (or constraints) governing deletions and updates. For example, if you register a patient, a visit and then start that patient on ART. To be able to delete that patient, you need to delete ART entry first, followed by a visit and finally the patient. To delete a particular entry, you need to identify such an entry, usually through a unique identifier e.g Patient Number for Patients, Visit Number for Visits etc. (You can use the search engine to quickly retrieve the identifier)
You can go to options, disable all the constraints, and that way you’ll be able to delete entries at top level. The deleted record will remove all the related records. Remember to enable the constraints after you’re done.

Qn 3: I do have a Clinic that does not yet offer all the services that are highlighted in the ClinicMaster modules
Can I still use ClinicMaster?

Ans: Well some section of ClinicMaster are optional or if you prefer a scaled down version of ClinicMaster that handles only the services you offer, we can get it to you.

Qn 4: I have been viewing entered data through clicking a particular item on the search engine and getting data for that item. However, when an item hits the 1000 entered records mark, I only get the last entered 1000 records.
How can I see all the data that I’ve entered?

Ans: By default, when you click on an item such as Patients the search engine loads a maximum of 1000 last entered records. This is done so in order for you not to keep waiting for records that you may not need.
However, if you need all the records, click on the item and select a field from the Look In dropdown box for example Patient No for Patients, select the criteria such as Like (use * for all) from the dropdown box that follows , enter ‘*’ and lastly click Search to get all the records.
‘*’ works for fields that accept none numeric entries. Fields such as Age, Join Date etc. will not allow you to use it. In this case you need to pick a criterion that best suite the field for example, pick Greater Than or Equal To and enter a value such as 0 for Age. This way all the records will be retrieved.

Qn 5: I do have a lot of data that was entered in some other application(s), and I would like to have this data in ClinicMaster.
Do I have to re-enter it?

Ans: ClinicMaster can automatically import data entered in some other application(s)