ClinicMaster Wins MTN Best Innovation in Health Applications Award 2015

On the 13th of November 2015, numerous public personalities and professionals involved in different fields of technology innovation in Uganda gathered for the MTN innovation awards ceremony at Serena Conference Centre Kampala, which celebrates new and emerging technology innovations in various sectors. Mr. Wilson Kutegeka, CEO and Lead Developer at ClinicMaster International said: “To have Read more about ClinicMaster Wins MTN Best Innovation in Health Applications Award 2015[…]

ClinicMaster Training and Support Services

Introduction Cognizant of the fact that User Training is one key component in software development, ClinicMaster underpins its service delivery with continuous training for each update made on every site. This not only warrants efficiency but also ease of system use among hospitals. The notion of carefully handling trainings is that: Humans are creatures of Read more about ClinicMaster Training and Support Services[…]

clinicMaster Software Security

ClinicMaster appreciates the importance of security in software systems especially those designed to manage medical Information and it considers it as a strong pillar in all its data structures and objects. Security in ClinicMaster means allowing a user access powers and features you desire for them and denying access to powers and features you don’t Read more about clinicMaster Software Security[…]

ClinicMaster System Requirements

ClinicMaster is a hospital/Clinic Patient management system that is designed to improve the Patient flow and patient management , below are some of the requirements you will need to have in order to be part of the big ClinicMaster Family WORK STATION REQUIREMNTS (software and Hardware requirements) Each client machine at every service point must Read more about ClinicMaster System Requirements[…]