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Patient Registration

Every new patient that visits the clinic will be registered and given a patient number that is automatically generated by the system (Customisable)

Multi Pricing

This module will assist cashier receive payment from the to-Bill customer and be able to see the items that are charged for. When payment is received, the account of the to-Bill customer will be credited with the amount paid.


Customers such as Insurance Companies or Families that can be offered credit services will be registered in the To-Bill Customers and given an account number that is managed by this module


Those patients with scheduled visits will be managed by this module. The system will ensure that these appointments do not overlap and will always present those that are meant to visit that day, remaining days to visit, as well as showing those who miss their appointments

ART Regimen

For patient’s who are receiving ARV’s, the doctor will need to register ART Regimen on a given visit, such that for subsequent visits where patients need only to pick drugs, after registering a visit, the patient will go straight to pharmacy to pick ARV’s in this case, the visit category will have to be indicated as refill.


This module manages the flow of drugs. Generally, as drugs are issued, stock is reduced, and as drugs are received, stock is increased.


Once a doctor prescribes, medication will automatically show in the pharmacy for dispensing. However, if the visit’s bill mode is cash; the patient will need to pay first before picking medication from pharmacy.


As the lab test is requested by the clinician, it will be automatically sent to the bleeding room or to where a sample is received from the patient from however, if the visits bill mode is cash, the patient will be required to pay first.

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